(Left top – right top – left bottom – right bottom)
Daddy’s ice cream eaten by Kiz
And…all eaten…
It’s okay, isnt it, Dad?


What? Wanna some?
Hmm just a little!



What the hell ale u lookin’ at?

Come if u dale

I ll call my Dad filst!



Gave him this bread to play with (the mom n dad were busy hehe). Apparently he put his hand in..took small cut of the bread with his lil fingers and ate…
He loooooves bread!

Any kind of bread.

Ohhh, and cookies, cake, muffin, lol!


On 7th April, he is fully 1 YO.

Oneday he would read this letter and smile :)

Dear Kiz, my son,

I couldn’t help thanking God for all we’ve been tru’. From the first moment I knew uwas there (my tummy), the lab test, the morning sickness, the long and pain delivery, the breastfeeding struggle, Mommy always love u.

And I m getting stronger because of you.

U teach me what love is about. And u make me see life in different perspective since the very first..and on…

And now you are not a baby any longer! :D

Happy Birthday, my Christopher.

Am sorry not sparing time to write this post rigth in 7th April. Something had happenned. Something that makes me, as Mom, feels fail… and hurts me so bad, something that teaches me to get u closer and closer.

Anyway, …

Mommy wish u to become health and strong as u always be.
Eat every healthy food I cooked for u.

Mommy wish u to be such a rich man. Rich in giving and sharing.
I knew u would be!
U always share ur food with Mommy, feed Mommy as the way I do to u :D

Mommy wish u to be a wonderful son, grandson, nephew, friend, student, as u would have many wonderful ppl surround u.

Mommy wish u every goodness in this world n hereafter.

Mommy know u would lack nothing as u always have so much, too much, love. And u, the adorable boy, makes it possible since u multiplying our love every day.

Mommy hope u would celebrate this date annually…in remembering others.

With sooooo much love and hug,


On a market troley.
He was so enjoy shopping w Mommy!
This car-troley let him busy for awhile! So we were not bothered by his will to walk. Yes, he always asks to be free and walks by his own.


Everyone who sees his smile and laughter would fall in love instantly…
Now he talks more often, calling “Mamama” and “Papapa”.
He likes waving as well with both hands.


These picts taken when we met Grandmo and Grandpa, also Aunty Yosi at Salatiga.
He is such a strong and nice boy. No matter how long and far the journey, he enjoys! Mommy know u would be a traveller one day :)

Btw, within 5 days ahead he would completely turn into 1 yo!
Time flies, dear!

My boy is 1 yo!

It still feels like yesterday I got delivered a baby with many nurses surrounded me (and pushed my tummy), hahaha…

Abis bikin cupcake yg sugar-egg method dikasi parutan kulit jeruk nipis.

Ama muffin pis cok pesenannya ko Yosi :)

Nyo ta biarin jalan sepanjang koridor dapur. Smntr jj bikin adonan. Hehe

Trs dia kecapean. Keringet nya ky abis macul. Trs mandi lg

Skrg bobo diatas badan mami


Just baked cupcakes which used sugar-egg method with grated lime zest. And choco banana muffin requested by Aunty Yosi :)

I made the batter while my son walking around the kitchen.

Did I tell u he walks now on?

Then he sweated so bad, so I showered him for the second time.

Now he s sleeping in top of Mommy’s body.







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