Review: Can You Keep a Secret?

Posted on: April 19, 2010

Review: Can You Keep a Secret?

Sophie Kinsella

So..hueyah! It must be a general secret that everybody has his/her own secret, then sometime  (s)he would share it with somebody (s)he trust. You would never believe, if, you could tell all those secrets to somebody you never imagined before. All of them; about your underwear, your parent, your missery, your annoying cousin, your boss, your false grade on CV, your office’s coffee machine, your fantasy of being lesbian, etc. But Emma did it!

On the plane. (…when she taught she’s gonna die)

Of course she afraid of flight (there’s another secret from her)

Everything would be just fine, if… that American man, who knows all her secrets, is nobody in her life.

And the story goes. Jack Harper is the owner of  Panther Group, a place where she work on.


It is too hard to ignore that Jack doesn’t know anything. And Jack himself didn’t. Is Jack right about her feeling to her boyfriend? Is Jack right about everything? All seems to be messy since Jack came. Could Emma put a belife to him, after what he did?

Ok, you might think that this story so predictable. But, I did enjoy it so much! I love this book!!

You could see that Sophie’s books always stunning ^o^ (fyi, I had read Shopaholic Series and The Undomestic Goodness). In my humble opinion, Kinsella always, successfully, bring the ‘good side’ from the bad habit of her character. I realize when I need shut my mouth out, and when to tell the truth. And, living a lie isn’t a life (at all), tough it isn’t bad (some people call it as ‘white lie’).

I love the way she tells, describes. I like her absurd dialogues. The language is easy to understand, I got nothing problem with her writing.

5 of 5 stars for this novel


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