Happiness is On Your Tail, so You Should Keep Going

Posted on: September 28, 2010

It was my messenger’s status yesterday. Don’t know what’s wrong with my damn life, I’ve been thinkin that everything goes wrong. I’ve been losing my essential of being a human being. Oh damn! It’s not that messy, my life…

So I said to my self that happiness is on my tail. More I chase it, more I lose it.

I talked to my friend last night, he told me that I’m such a great person, who could stand in my role, specially in living-your-own-choice-of-life, especially in this work. (and honestly…it cheer me up a lil ^_* )

I told my friend that I don’t know who’s the one who will send money to my Dad, if I’m work-less (salary-less). Then, I won’t make any load (to my beloved Mom), thinking about my wedding.

More over, my friend asked me what happen to the lion’s son whom asked happiness to his mom. I answered this question, just like I said to my self all day long (“More I chase it, more I lose it.“).

You know what?

I missed something.

My friend told me that the lion’s mom says, “You will find your happiness if you keep going”

🙂 I can’t believe I’ve been missing this appropriate answer. And I know I should keep going.

Thanks, my friend… You know that you always make it. You made it. Huge thanks.


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