I Found…those memories who trap me…

Posted on: February 2, 2011

I need to recognize all those sh*t things, right? So hereby I try to…

I feel unwanted as a child. Nobody was take care of me, when I was going to school. Nobody! I remember that morning… I was standing all alone…
(Then my brother aSked me to get in his bicycle).
My dad was sleeping. He didn’t put any…..
I remember that feel.

I remember that time… I stop doing hair-do, even I have very long hair. My mom tell me that I shouldn’t ask her to that routine any longer.

I remember voices…called me from the side way, yelling me, a little girl riding her bicycle. Yes, I’m minority, so what, huh?

I just realized, I got my lonely feeling since I was a lil child. Because nobody was there. I sometimes stop by on the bridge, drink a water bought from school, and see the water below me.

I remember how I disappointed, that a friend of mine was forbidden (by her mom) to be my friend…because of my parent’s name.

I remember those eyes that see me strangely.


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