New Me, New Job :)

Posted on: February 26, 2011

Time flies soo fast. I didn’t even feel my breath. And here is weekend come again.

Time flies… I finally… Move.

The day before yesterday, my director asked me what I think bout my principal. And I said it. Those things that make me (and my company should be) disappoint. In short words, my division wouldn’t be exist any longer. Then I agreed. But, he said I have capability….while he has many potential projects to be followed up……..

………………So I move to the sister company.

On unexplained way, I am so excited. I know the new environment of mine will be so harsh. The rhythm is fast. But I love it.
At least, I will have a boss that could tell me what’s wrong and right. And obvious target will be given.

Focus. It’s all I need.

Now, when my responsibilities become smaller and clear, I’m sure I could do this!

Thanks to God.. Fiuuh…
My huneeeeey… thanks for your understanding ^o^ and support, as always… Yes, I’ll take care my healthy, I mean it.

Thanks to my beloved director and a man behind him.
I knew it was you 😀


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