Gimme Hi-5! The egg is cracked!! Yihaaaay.. *kiss*

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Hi there, …

So I think, I supposed to write down the good things too, here. Haha, in order to make this blog more relevant to my days. How could all my life is all about yell, tears and loneliness? Hahaha…

So, firstly, GIMME HI-5 NOW!

I just won my first project! Lalalalala…. *dancingonthestreet*

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Fyi, I got this project to be followed up, on March, which is too late………! The contractor already got this project since December 2010. Then, neither support them from the beginning, or follow this project from early phase, I didn’t do those kind of procedures. I just did my best.

When I am going to attend this tender, Steve text me, he said that I could do this.

And yeah, just like my director said, it’s a small project, but many experiences would be gained here. I couldn’t be agree more to what his advises to me. Because I proved it! Now I know what open bid is, how they do it, how to trust your feeling to win, how to listen the voice to get those numbers!

I love the feel when my hand was shaken, “congrats ya…”, aargh… *blush-blush*…

Thanks to all my team, from my director (for his “wangsit” and his efforts), my boss (for always listening my problem, and the solution given, “I did it, boss…!”, and also for the advise for not being greedy… yay, I need to learn it, and I wouldn’t regret it. Instead, I’ll celebrate this win!) and proposal team (“huweee, thanks for all you’ve done, sorry for pushing you to work over time on last few days”). Thanks to Steve (how could he knows exactly that I’ll win? *biggrin&hug*). And for God. (Believe me. I prayed that morning!)… Haleluya!

Just wait for my POs ahead, okay… With better profit, bigger value, greater successful…


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