Live in Thankfulness

Posted on: May 25, 2011

Live in Thankfulness, be grateful.

I just found that I did something useless. Meanwhile, it is not meaningless. I learn a thing or two for every process that I through.

I also found that I am so blessed. When I am at my hometown….I realize how life changed. I am so incredibly happy seeing my sisters had insurance in transportation (read: car completed with the driver). I don’t need to see my Mom driving motor cycle with two grown-up girl within her. I thankful for what we have by now. I would never forget our past. I thankful for having them in my life. I might a poor girl. We might have been in our worst scenario. But we have each other.

I found that this is the job that I love. Not a perfect one (with a fact that nothing is perfect). This is a great job by which I could meet many people, have many friends, learn many new things.
For all difficulties, I’ll take it as my learning (and hope that I’ll always think this way everytime PMS attack hahahahaha *crossmyfingers*).

I found that I have a life that I should be proud of. A great fam, a bf that is gonna marry me, friends (and fans huakakaka) that is coloring my days…

I found that there are too many reason to feel grateful.

Thank you also given for you too…
For reading this post 😀



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