A Time for Two

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Dear my beloved one…

Do you know? I was so damn happy, for what you did last night. Though it wasn’t for me directly (to whom this idea come for), I thank you for taking me (and your whole fam) to drink coffee (what the english word for ‘nongkrong’ btw? LOL). We had simply chat (shall I mention my shopping bag, too? *wink* *fact is; he insist me to grabbed those beautiful blazers*), with fro-yo and blended coffee in our hand.

I knew that you, against what all people say, have your own way to love people surround you. And what you did last night, was one of your way to enhance you dad’s mood, wasn’t it? And it was so sweet… (For me, yeaah).

We, family, rounds altogether (most of fam, haha). You were on your good mood, and so do other people, too. All things were so ordinary-great!

Sometimes, I just want you initiate the same way thing for us, two of us.

And herewith I thank you, my huney… It was so nice, and made me happy.

May we do it more often?


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