Succesful Diary

Posted on: June 16, 2011

This post is suggested by my boss, to whom I may given a great learning. He’s an upper-layer of mine that do not bother with the loss I made for company, and yet still give a standing ovation in front of all, for my very-first-time win. Fyi, he’s an employee that always has deep passion to develop all people in company. Thanks for not blaming me, Sir. Instead, he asked me to learn from all mistakes I’ve done, and learn from them. And through these combination of A to Z, by which I could express everything better, I would memorize my successful story here. Hope this also could be useful for my partners, and you.

When I joined to this team, am so excited. I feel so grateful.

And yes it was, and it is.

My boss gave me a list of projects to be followed up. One of them is a project that already passed the proposal stage, the phase we could try to dig any potency. We late. I knew it from the first time I knew I have to pursue this project. On the other hand, I knew I have to win. I won’t lose.

And there it was. Everything went so fast… Well, yeah, I do believe…when we put our positive thinking and effort into something we working on, it would be happen. So, I kept thinking that I’ll win.

I did the things that people suggest me. I did the instructions I had discussed with great people in the office. Rejection by rejection. And do believe me! Once you think you can, there’s a mystery from the nature to make it! Yes, you can! I proved it. With lately penetration, short time, I won.

But you should know, that full effort is not enough. Positive thinking is quite much more not enough to be compared.


2 Responses to "Succesful Diary"

Haii, how are you ?, I want give you a comment onto this blog.. Get success is how brave and dare you are take a challenge. Since sometimes people always keep him/her self in their comfort zone and live with their fearness.

Hi, am great, as usual… as long as PMS doesn’t pull me down, hehe…

Pleaseee, deny… Please feel free to comment.

Yeah, I already enlarge my comfy zone. And I do believe, if I don’t keep moving forward, I would go no where. Hahaha, it’s easy to say, rather than to do, right? 🙂

Fyi, this post (when you wrote your comment) is not finished, yet…

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