New Rules

Posted on: July 5, 2011

Rules made to organize, help, and monitor, huh? In my case; they are also made to pull me back on the corner. Huufft

3 Responses to "New Rules"

Setiap hal mempunyai sudut pandang yang berbeda ada yang positif dan ada pula yang negatif, jika kamu berpikir demikian maka sebenrnya secara tidak sadar kamu sudah berpikir negatif, dalam artian ketakutan2 kamu untuk melakukan lebih menjadi lebih dominan.. Percaya saya, coba dahulu untuk sesuatu yang baru.. maka kamu akan menikamatinya dan bahkan mungkin lebih enjoy dan tak akan pernah menyangka kok ternyata gue bisa yakk…

Every little thing, every process, in this world, needs one variable named ‘time’. This is that they didn’t give me. Even, when I’m writing to you this very time… it took time…

Over all, thank you, Deny.

On my way to office this morning, I think that nothing would be changed by my reaction. There are many things to do. Many perspective to be told and discussed with my boss. Altogether we should repair the system, should we?

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