Thank you, Love

Posted on: July 24, 2011

For few days ago, we had some moments that I dare say, we are getting cold. We sit side by side, but there’s no conversation, or even voice heard between us. I knew you were flying with your mind, thought and imagination. Either I with mine, too.

Those times made me sad, indeed. And I realize… The person whom you put most of your expectations, is the one who has the ability to hurt u, most of you. Lack communication makes us build our own assumptions.

More over, my (negative) assumptions drive me insane, mad, and angry at a time. Felt so worthless for you…

But then, we went to Bandung, just two of us. And when I try to be more wise and open, I know that everything is gonna be great. With you. My whole life. With you, huney.

May we always remember that day.

May we always enhance frequency of our communication.

You have to know how precious yesterday for me. Thank you, love…

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