You Are Special in My Eye

Posted on: August 18, 2011

I’m sitting across the pool, on a big chair, and writing this post.

I was here to take exercise, but I end with this blog, hahaha. I got my backache (and friends!), since yesterday I took my first swimming (after a long, long time).

This moment, I wanna keep a memory that I heard an old song, titled “Wonderful Tonight”. Aaargh, it was so beautiful, for listening this romantic song, while I’m on half-awake in the dark morning. I, then, googled the lyric. Argh, wish someone would sing this song for me, some night.

It’s the same I feel few moments ago, when I questioned “am I special for him?”. He explained me all the way, yesterday, after I put it all, said to him. One day after I asked (the last one), he text me and apologized. Doesn’t he become less, isn’t his love disappear, but he has many problems by now.

(Aaarg, mosquitoes!)

Do you know, huney? I would support you. And I would love to be the one you could share your everything with.
And am just a woman. I need to feel loved, and needed. Plus, sometimes I need statement that I’m special for you…

Love you…


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