Eat Pray Love

Posted on: September 15, 2011

This movie played 2 days ago. Yet, I think I should read the novel/


I, instantly, fall in love with main character, named Elizabeth. She has every woman wan in this life; husband, home, friend, career… Nevertheless, who knows? Does anyone see inside her heart, her mind? She realize how empty she is. And there she is. She initiated a divorce with her 8-years hubby. I do adore how brave she is, with the decision she made. Yes, I know, every decision has its own consequence(s).

This movie makes me re-think for many things that going trough in  my life nowadays. Is that what I want? Is there me in those decisions and changes in my own life?


Liz, the main character, decided to divorce, gain another relationship that doesn’t work (again). And with her second-relationship, I learn something. Some people would choose to live unhappy in a relationship, rather to get out from their zone, in order to avoid any hurt.  So, there are some couples that would live days and nights knowing that their relationship is flat, but they are too afraid to leave each other. IMHO, it’s not supposed it is to be. And, again, Liz decide to go.


I just don’t love the ending of this story, so please kindly let me leave that part, okay..




Beyond the definition of being happy, are you?




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