Hey, Peter Pan!

Posted on: September 15, 2011

Few days ago, I got home while this movie’s playing; Peter Pan.


I know you might be so familiar with this story, but please read it…

I am not going to tell you the story. I am just going to tell you the connection from someone I knew with this movie.


Peter Pan hates school. He does refuse to be sent to the office. He chooses to keep his childhood forever.


Yes, I myself, sometimes feel and think the same way too. What the hell people doing in this crazy world? The are just pursuing the same circle. School – graduation – office – marry – children


Argh, what the heck?!@#$%^%&


Over all, there’s something steal my attention. Wendy.

Wendy kissed Peter Pan. She does love him. Nevertheless, she didn’t ask him to grow old together with her.

She didn’t tell him that it is okay to grow old, to grow mature. World keeps changing, and so do we.


So, let me say,


Hey, Peter Pan, let’s grow old together.

Love, Wendy

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