I Love it, Against All Odds

Posted on: January 5, 2012

On the busy day like this, when I meet many smart people, gain many experiences and learning, go there and there, I could say that………………….. I Love My Job!

I love my profession.

Fyi; profession is a job that needs skill(s)

On the morning, I realised that I might on my boring phase to my job, feel a lil bit disappointed . And like my lovely said, two years is the time that you would feel all u do are just a routine. I hate what I do for the last few weeks. I hate all things surround me in the office. I hate new regulation. I…I just simply……BORED……..

But here I say!

I am the Account Manager.

I won’t hear what people think about me (and my job). I have my own limitation for all things I do, and target on same time. I have my own pride. I live happily with it.

Semangat! For the sake of my lil new family. For the one who always cheer me up on my gloomy days.

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