I am Special!

Posted on: April 19, 2012

I always made an excuse for all your ignorance, that you aren’t that kind of man that could do little things, as every woman ask to. And for some moments, I did make deal with that opinion.

So that, when I knew you could do that,…..it hurts me.

I do apologize if it was just a silly thing to be fight for….


All my life, I always hard to myself. All I need is just a confession that I am not that ordinary girl.


All time trough, I’ve been always remind myself to keep strong, to be brave, for you, for us.

Sometimes, I am tired, but I wont show it, wont give up, would never give in.

All I need is I know that I am special, so special in your eyes.



You said that I suppose not compare your attention-to-me with your-attention-to-others.

I said; I am sorry, I can’t.


If it would not ever be possible as long as it is you.


I wouldn’t. I couldn’t. I wont.


Since, I am very special for you.

There’s no other comparison.


Btw, case closed. Ilu.

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