17 – Here We Go Again

Posted on: April 30, 2012

So then, I finally reached home.

Friday evening, at the train station, I found that every ticket sold out, I mean, all tickets!

I was so speechless, irrevocably speechless. It was so sad that I might couldn’t go home when my sisters are celebrating her bornday.

There was a moment, I just sit there, and tears came out. I was so mad to myself! It was. It was before I realize that reaction wouldn’t help. I need to do something.
I called a travel agent I knew, but they full booked. I texted a friend, and he gave me a number. Andddd I got a chair.

So it was cloudy, cold Saturday morning, about 00.30 AM when the travel agent picked me up. I was fell slept on the first few hours, till I kept opening my eyes to make sure the route taken by the driver.
Saturday 6.00AM I got home.

Happy Birthday, my loveliest sisters. Am sorry there’s nothing I could give to you in your special day.

I hope all the best thing for you.
I hope the bad ones could teach you lessons.
I hope you two grow as strong, tough, and unbreakable woman.
World is insane, keep your sanity and enjoy your life trough all crazy things happen.
Life is hard, but please believe me that each bad thing is made for a reason.
Be ready, be brave to conquer the outside world.
Because 17 is only the beginning…

Sunday 9.00AM I took my bus back to Jakarta.

Here we go again, dude. Am already at Jakarta, the busiest city, the never-sleep-place. Welcome my activities.

Hello, my lovely hubby :*


1 Response to "17 – Here We Go Again"

thankyouuuuu sistahhhhh love you ^^

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