Here’s Something to Ponder; What would U Do if U Were Not Doing What U Do Now for Living..?

Posted on: May 31, 2012

The title was taken from my friend’s timeline on on social network.

What a good question!!!

And then my mind flew away.. What I would do then? What if…?

I guess I would spend my days in an publishing office; either as an editor, or writer.

There would be no more TGIF, and “I hate Monday” phrase, I guess…

But back again…

We never know, don’t we? Even if we were not choosing that profession, we might be in somewhere else, too…
We might stick in another industry that we don’t put interest into (at the beginning). We also might stumble on a profesion we never name it before.
Everything is possible.

So we back again…

This morning I read a newspaper. A traveling article within it. I can’t hide my smile when I imagine if I were the one, the reporter, the traveler, that cross around this beautiful country, and go abroad to feel new environment, and -this is the most important-, still get paid!

Yeap, everything is possible.

Impossible is only an opinion, my friend said to me.

Who would know I would be drown in this Oil & Gas industry, with this position that I never imagined before; Account Manager.

Well, that’s all 😀
Just an intermezzo, cheering up my own day, in my daily activity, with another profession you (might) never hear before…

taken from Media Indonesia, dated 31 May 2012


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