Book Review: Paradise Wild – Johanna Lindsey

Posted on: June 12, 2012

I don’t know..this is awkward. I was bored in the beginning few chapters, so then I skipped and jumped into chapter ten, hehehe…


In despite of that, I found my self difficult to turn the book down. The novels drives me sooooo euuuugh! But then I can’t help putting my emotion in reading this book. I then love this book…


Jared Burket, the character of male character in here is not the way you would see in another romance story, I guess, yah at least until the three quarter of novel. He’s not that kind of gentleman to make your heart pounding (for me yeah).

And it wasn’t Corine if she would stay wise for all he did to her. IMHO, she’s just over done, if I daresay.


Story fulfilled with great description of the beautiful Hawai island, and it’s so entertaining. There’s also a few brief about the history of Hawaii (but I didn’t give a damn bout that, haha).


If you want me to make a resume about this novel… I would only say one word; REVENGE!


They keep hurting each other, until they found they are attracted, each other.

They don’t believe each other.

The hatred destroy them over and over again.


Argh, moral of the story is; anger drives you more than (you thought) you could bear to.


But I am glad that they finally find the way out to escape from their  fighting; make love *blush*


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