Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) VS. Working Mom (WM)

Posted on: August 23, 2012

I’ve been a silent reader (err, sometimes I drop a comment) in thepradonos.com

And her post Jadi Ibu (apapun itu)
successfully made me cry.

I also read one article from The Urban Mama

Yes, every Mom has her own battle [TheUrbanMama]


I read those two articles, and all comments within. Sssh, I do agree that neither is better than the other one.

As every single thing in this life, the choice a Mom made (whether to be SAHM, WM, or Working at Home Mom), has its plus and minus points.
Win your own battle, Mom!
Every thing has its own sacrifices…

I am so proud to women that keep working at the office. How amazing she could do that.

I am so proud to women that choose to stay at home, do all those unstop-working thing by herself.

I am so proud to women that is working at home.

Every title has its own difficulties, and again, sacrifices.
Whatever the decision a Mom takes, she STILL a Mom for her child, no matter what. No matter if she’s salary-less, or maybe she’s busy with her work. Nothing’s gonna change the position of a Mom.

I am a Mommy-to-be…, yet I already worried my child. And I know this feeling, would never stop until I die, so then I knew, being a Mom is not that easy.

Choose your own, Win your battle, You yourself who know which one is suit to you…


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