… and there was just yesterday! (Bad Day)

Posted on: August 30, 2012

How many public transportation in Jakarta? Name it. They are all my ‘car’!

Sometimes, I feel too tired; to waiting for so long, to changing the transport…, just to go home, every single day.

On Monday evening, I reached Gambir train station just to found that we can’t get in the KRL in there, so I took ojeg to go to another station. I just believed the driver where he would take me, haha. And while standing within train, I felt so sick, I almost got nausea. So then I kept thinking “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay”, until a woman offer me a cajuput oil (minyak kayu putih). I said no for her kind offer, because using that kind of oil is not recommended for a preggy woman like me.
She then asked a girl to stand up from her seat, and gave it to me. Pffft…
And since my hubby wasn’t arrived yet, I took ojek (yes, again, because I felt tired to wait angkot) and went to the mall nearby until hubby pick me up.
Treated my self with a glass of hot orange, I was sitting in the basement canteen.

On Wednesday evening, I had meeting until late. And the car that brought me up to the meeting had to reach office at the soonest, so then I was dropped to nowhere station. Arrgh…
I just didn’t know where I was, but I followed people and got to the ticket lobby. The officer was mad at me because I haven’t prepared my money, yet. Lately I knew, he was doing that because the Bekasi train was coming in!
The train announced to be coming in the station while I was walking (with fast). People surround me were running in a rush trough and up stair. I knew I am not going to run that way. I won’t harm my child for any reason.
And…….., when I reached the top floor, train in my front, the door was sliding close. Just a few seconds.

More than an hour after (of course, the train is delayed), I looked at the face and struggling of people. People who is gonna home, and see her / his family.

I got so mad with my own situation. Even though I don’t have anything to be blame on.

I reached the door of train, slowly but sure I reached the grip on my left hand. I felt so heavy. Hmmm, heavy in real terminology, since a woman drag me down, in her way to get up, ouuugh…

Today, all I can say is just… Hmmm, there were just yesterday.

THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE CHALLENGE; how we could be always live in grateful, while it seems there’s no reason for it?

And when I re-think all…, I had more than enough to say Thank You, Lord.
I had amazing family, hubby, and friends that love me much.


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