My Baby in 12 Weeks

Posted on: September 26, 2012

Monday, we went to the obgyn, at Grha Kedoya. Err, yes, it is farrrr.

Doctor said your development is great. 😀
Mommy can’t hardly tell how happy I heard that.

Since the last torch test we took, doctor said on 12 weeks the neck of yours must be watched.

And yesterday, it seem everything is great. Thanks to Lord 🙂
I saw your hands and legs. Moving around, over and over :’)

Doctor must wait you to capture this photo for Mommy.

About the next torch test, will be done once three period of medicine took (about Dec).
For bad headache, the blood pressure is okay, is just we had low carbohydrate (LOL), so then we had lil energy, and got headache… Haha…

Sorry, dear. I used to think that as small that I eat, it is as small I will vomit. It is totally wrong apparently.

And for basd nausea, he gave us five capsule to be taken for bad day only.

Mom will do anything to keep you health, dear.
I’ll eat more and more.

Be strong, be healthy!!

Thanks to the Lord 🙂

12 weeks, 6 cm long

12 weeks, 6 cm long


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