Letter for My Child

Posted on: September 28, 2012


If you are reading this post, means you are old enough to understand few things in this world.
Mommy just want to say how much Mom and Dad love you.

Mom and Dad already agreed to start a whole new life with you, in a better place. And at that time, the three of us are living our own small and simple life. Yes, this is what Mommy wants, for you, for us. Please accept my apology for letting you grow up in such a small town. It’s small, but beautiful, isn’t it?
I just wanna spend my time more with you, and this is the choice Mommy (and Dad) made. We are having a great life, right?

If you were asking why your Mom just a stay-at-home mother like me, now you will understand.

I took my resignation, on the 21st September 2012. This is a big decision for me, yes you know, dear, I used to be a stand-alone and do everything by myself. Now, I only want to be with you. You may need to know, as well, Mommy also got the offering from another company with 2 digit salary (yeah, probably, when you read this, it’s nothing, but now, 2 digit is biggggg haha). And I rejected that.

Mommy can’t promise you many things, but Mom and Dad will do everything to makes you happy.

May God always bless our family, and our small world 🙂
You know, love, my life is complete since the day I knew you were within my body.

With So Much Love,



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