check up: Week 20 “is a baby boooooy!” :)

Posted on: November 21, 2012

Well, well, apparently, Y cromosom from my hubby is quite dominant.

Watching the monitor that reflect our baby’s moving inside…
My hubby yelled in sudden!

Baby BOY!!!

LOL, I just can’t help it, not to laugh, I mean. The doctor even hadn’t say such a thing about it. He had just finished checked the others.

The doctor said, “Oh, Daddy, how could you know?”

Hubby, “Year, it’s the P, rite? We already prepared the name for girl”


Is just the reaction…hahahaha…

Btw, Mommy glads that u are (still) so active and do many moving right there. Moreover, I am so thankfull that u are I good development, good weight and height.

Mom loves you so much.
Tambun, 17 Nov 2012


3 Responses to "check up: Week 20 “is a baby boooooy!” :)"

Congrats! Ours is a boy too. Found out just last week… We had a girls name all ready to go so now is the challenge to find one for a boy!

Somehow, it’s easier to find the girl name, isn’t it? Lol.
I had my own girl name too!

I’ve been finding a good name for my boy. The first name is Christoper, but don’t find any mid name that is suit. Have u?

No middle names for us so far either. We will have a double barrelled surname so Im not sure if we will give a middle name. Thankfully we have 4 and a bit months to figure it out!

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