From Blazer to Daster (=pyjama)

Posted on: November 22, 2012

This is what I actually feel.

Can’t deny, there is a time or two, I feel less than any other women, since I am not working any longer. I don’t have career, nor wearing the latest hi-fashion career suit.

Well, hey, I’ve been there!

Eventough my last company sucks (lol), I already got a new challenge there. Even better, I got a better jump-station 😀 that appreciates my ability more; more salary, more ‘clear’ career path.

Back then, life is a choice, isn’t it?

And yes, this is my choice. And I’m proud of it.

Filling my empty hours, I’m selling baby and kid clothes, do a programming job, etc. By now, it’s not bout the money. I just so happy to show that I AM productive (as well) whereva I am. Some ideas to enlarge this small tiny business crossed my mind, but I am not gonna tell u in this post.
I try to always keep contact with my friend trough BBM. I used to have less time to say hi to them while I was working.

AND… I am so proud that I choosed this way.

Listen to my own guts.

I would have full time to raise my own son.

I would develop my own business right here, right from my family’s side.

I don’t have to fight with the heavy rain everytime I am on my way home every noon/night (yes, it is rainy everyday).

Still, I can keep my brain develope.

I won’t let my mind empty.

The bonus is, I have more time to read now. More time to serve my hubby when he got home. More time to chat with friends. Time to cook, and offcourse, to SLEEP, yay!

I do believe that I could make my future.
Let’s see in the two-three years ahead, and then we talk bout this again, ok?


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