Just the Two of US!

Posted on: January 2, 2013

Apparently, living alone in another strange place, is not as easy as it may seem.

On New Year Night, my hubby got bad fever. He shaked, and felt cold. Paniq. Sad.

There are just us. Feels like, ummmm, this is it the moment. The moment we only have each other.

I gave paracetamol to him in the year exchanging. Well, yeah, as usual, I didn’t celebrate NYE specially, but I never think I would spent the NYE with moment like that. Oh, God, I don’t want anything else for my Xmas, Bday, NY, or etc. I just want him to be healthy. That was my wish.

Thank God, he’s just fine by now. After checked up with so-dilly-dally Emergency unit in the nearest hospital. I didn’t know how ER could be so slow in responding patient, while my hubby got vomit over and over.

Just like Miley Cyrus said, life is a climb. But the view is good.
Ahhhh… I want to hold on that words. Yeah, it is a climb. And we both know we could reach there.

The good thing above all is… We got closer every time, in every stone we had trough. We got stronger every day. We enlighten each other’s spirit.

I knew he has been struggling for me, and our son.
And I wanna do the same way for him, for our lil kiddo.

Can’t enough thanking God.

And all family for the support.

Love you, huney, more and more…
Don’t be sick anymore. It freaks me out more than I could imagine before.


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awww how sweet!

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