(not) a baby blue

Posted on: April 14, 2013

day-0; so incredibly happy. tired and amazed with the labor i just did

day-1; monday noon, back frm hospital. I just thought it is easy to take care my baby and am fine then am going home.

Day-2; …eugh i hate the formula milk and the “long nipple” bottle. he always cries out loud everytime i try feed him. so sad.

Day-3, go to the doctor. Am worried bout the poop’s freq of my baby.

Day-4, go to the hospital for breast theraphy. Mine are swollen. Dont know wht to do. my son still refuse to be fed by me.
decided not to use bottle. instead, we use tea spoon.
take hours just to get few ml of milk frm my breast.

Day-5; feels like so  alone. tired so bad. my V hurts so bad. and tears coming unintentionally. he still refuses me.
but on the evening, miracle happen… he milked from my breast.

Day-6; try to remove all the blues, compromize with the pain from V.
good news? thos morning he milked for about am hour amd got full.

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