My Son in His 6th Months

Posted on: October 3, 2013



Gonna be 6 on 7th Oct.

Update? There are many!

He can pretend as if he cough.

Or do a little move (butt only) when ppl ask him to dance.

Sleep all oooooover the bed! This  2*2metres matras seems not big enough for.us. OMG, I have to move him for many times in a night.

Getting smarter and smarter. Aha.

Loves banana. Yes, been two days he ate banana. I think he loves it more, rather than a carrot.

More funny action…for the last few days, he has been trying to milking in weird position. Some timea I just thought, hey boy, u r not gonna make it. It is not comfy for u either.

More chatty! He often says, as if it is, a whole and long story. Humming as he wants, long enough to make us wondering.

More handsome! (my hubby is gonna giggle when read this, since all ppl says they two look alike, blah, blah) xixiiii

More narcist, did I ever tell you he loves mirroring and smiling at his own reflection, since he was a baby? Now I just think it is getting more clear. So, we had just went to the baby shop. As he comes in, all shop assistant gather to greet him. Once he knows that, he then smiled brightly, lol. Then they tease more.

What’s more?
More love from Mommy and Daddy, of course!



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