What We Found in A Develop Country

Posted on: October 12, 2013

Ok. First of all, am not an expertise, nor tryin to be one. Am just gonna tell u what had happened in a develop country, as mine.
Yes, I do love my country (against all odds, and forgets all discrimination to minor people like me :p ), that is why I write this post.

Once more, am not judging here. I would just tell.

In my previous generation, says my mother, there was a believe that many children brought many luck. No wonder why my mom has 7 siblings (or more? I am not sure, haha), while my Dad has 5.

This is very common in those old times.

More children, more fortune you will get. I dont know where this ideology came from. Mostly, Javanish people believed this (Java is one of five big islands in Indonesia, located next to Bali.island. Yes, yes, I knew that u only familiar with Bali 😀 ).

Fortunately, as all living cost increased, and education is getting more place nowadays, we could see this kind of (very) big family rarely.

And here. In an island that is so known for their friendly and deep culture (whose many myths and rules), openly talking about sex, is taboo. There was an Indonesian singer, tried to make a condom as a giveaway gift. Ok. U kbow the next. The album was complained.

Then, since nowadays family is no longer has many member as their parents, do u think it been.solved?

I talked to my maid few days ago. And that conversation trigerred me to write this!

She married in 17! She pretended to be 18 (dont know how), and then, voila, she is a wife. Fyi; in Indonesia, a woman could marry in 18 y old less.

Then she had delivered a baby in 18. How dangerous it sounds? As far as I know, woman’s body is not completely ready for birthing in such a young age. (20 is the minimum, isnt it?)

Well, the most amazing part is…she married to get away from her home.
Marriage is (not) one way out, agree?

Unfortunately for us, young girls married in young age is so usual in suburb, or small town.

Could you imagine how many children would be carried by these young women?
Well, we could only hope that they not following their parent’s believe (that more childs = more fortune), evenmore, since they started earlier.

Indonesia is a big rich country whose people density is getting…boom!
Ooops, it is already boom. Since then, government try to control.with a program called KB (stands for Keluarga Berencana / Planned Family) whose motto is “Two children is enough”.

These are the reality in a develop country.

I hope that Indonesian more aware about this density thing, by delaying marriage.
This will help to control births.
And u know, more information for pregnant controlling to new couples, would be a great support.

Less children doesnt mean we will get less.

Less children means we had plans for our kid.


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