My ‘First Time’ Feeling

Posted on: October 20, 2013

Always craving for the first time experiment, eh?

Seeing timeline on my Path. My friends uploaded many pictures that I used to familiar with. They shared status where they had been sitting around; new bistro, cafe, etc. Hanging out with people in their after office hour.

Did I miss those moments?

Yes, I did.


The urge of tasting new booming cafe, feeling of paying my ‘sale’ shopping. The excitement of achieving office targets.

But I realize… I have more…

I am not losing them.

This morning my lil son tried his first Sunday School in the curch nearby. Seems like his first social move! We were so excited, and we watched him closely.

Yes! This is my other version of First Time urge feeling.

I remember one episode of Friends (everybody loves this serial movie, I guess) where Monica’s envying Phoebe. Phoebe had every chance to feel this First Time; first time falling in love with new guy, and MANY so. I do agree that those feeling are fantastic.
Then Monica realize…she and Chandler have this kind of First Time urge feeling; new excitement of first kid, first house, …, until first grandchild.


My life is just simply beautiful.
How’s yours?

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