Cookalong – Devil’s Food Cake Nigella

Posted on: October 21, 2013


Nigella is one of my favorite.chef. She has simple, yet delicious recipes. I lpve the way.she cooks. And I’ve been watching her show since few years ago (thanks to Asian Food Channel).

Yesterday I stopped to her site and found this cookalong.

And a Nigella signed recipe book is the gift. Am so excited!
So I asked my assistant to take care of my son, and in the meantime, I did a little fun in the kitchen.

Then I posted this pict (see above pict). Hope that I could get the book.*grin.

Ok, back to the cake, I made it in papercup, so then everybody could take it easily. Meanwhile, this papercup makes the frosting could be layered on top only.

About the chocolate frosting/ganache, it is so easy to made! Water, brown sugar, butter, all in pan. And once they are gonna boil, add the chopped DCC. So EASY and YUMMY!! I served this homemade choco sauce for my pancake this morning.

For the cake recipe, please take a look at her site. Don’t worry, its web design is developed well, you could access it from ur cellphone without any dificult to read.

Hmmm yum yum!

Who doesn’t love chocolate, btw?


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