A Place Called Home

Posted on: November 6, 2013

U know, there’s always a place where u are loved and it always welcome u; home.

So, we just did our short getaway. Tegal, a small city on Central Java.

We went on Saturday, and spent a night on Salatiga.


My son knows for sure, which hotel is good and expensive haha.

Yup if u look for a Javanish hotel, Laras Asri hotel is the one. Many Java decoration could be found, almost everywhere. It is so green. The view is so great. Ok, am not promoting here, just tell u what I tought bout it.
U could see my pict above. Ahh and I bought a slice of tiramisu and opera cake. Hmmm…

We took off from Ponorogo on Sat. Spent a night in Salatiga.
Sunday morning we drove to Tegal. Tuesday morning we back.

Below are some pictures.


My lovely boy:

Men of my life;

x-x I didnt take any pict with my Mom😦

And I tell u, if u happen to be on central Java, please pay a visit to one restaurant there, named Mandiri Jaya, located on Pantura road, KM4.
U could taste delicious food which the spices is special. Is good to taste food that would left some flavor in ur mouth and ur memory. Am I too much speaking here?
Haha okay, it is my mom’s, so that is the reason I call it the best restaurant ever.

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