Putu Ayu

Posted on: November 16, 2013

Recipe from here

This is one cake, that only last within a day. Lol.
My hubby (and me!) love it very very much!

The salty grated coconut enhanced the taste of its sweet cake.

This tradional cake of Indonesia is so easy to made.

All u need:

1 tsp emulsifier
2 eggs
100 gram grated young coconut
150 gram hi protein flour
200 gram castor sugar
200 ml coconut milk
Salt (about a tsp, depend on ur taste. And how many grated coconut u use)
Green food coloring (I used pandan leave / screwpine essence, it is already green and smells like pandan)

1. Beat eggs, emulsifier, sugar until they turn white and fluffy.
Add flour. Stirr till well combined.
2. Stir in the coconut milk

3. Add a tsp of pandan essense

4. Mix grated coconut with salt

5. Put the coconut in the bottom of the tin. Give ’em a push.

6. Pour the mixture untill full

7. Prepare the steamer.
(Indonesian traditional steamer called “dandang”, used in gas stove.)
Steam till cooked.

8. Serve hot
(never mind, it still delicious when cooled for me)

1. Avoid big heat. Hi temp will make the cake over-develop

Ussually this putu ayu served in individual portion, flowerry shape. And since I dont have this tin, I used my ordinary circle tin.
And it is fine. I cut it as I want with my spoon. And hhaaaaap, oughhh! Delicious!


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