Christopher with His Box

Posted on: January 3, 2014

I used to think that it s too late to put my 8-mo boy (gonna be 9-months on 7 January) in a baby box. I was wrong apparently.

Aaaand! The first day we put him in, he already conquered the box. He is able to stand up by himself in his box.

So smart…

This box is very helpful. Christ enjoys watching videos from the Samsung Galaxy Tab mounted there. So I have some moments to finish some daily jobs (washing the dishes couldnt be done with one hand handling ur son, right… – I did cook, cut the cookies, bake with a hand only, but never did one-hanf-washing)
I mean, a moment, before he got bored.
And he loves standing and walking slowly with the box grip.


One day u ll see all pictures Mommy had uploaded here and giggle.

Short story to remember;
Son, yesterday a grandmo we just met for once, asked me to put u in her lap. Then she askes her daughter to capture it. Haha, I wasnt going with an idol, was I?

And u could be proud, everywhere u go, u catch the attention. On a bank queue, street, church, traditional market, ppl will see ur friendly face and instanly adore u.
Mom and Dad are getting used to this condition, like when, suddenly, u talk to strangers in ur language, wooing and wooing.

Aaaagh..my so-adorable boy!

We love, love you for much too much!


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