My 9Mo Boy!!

Posted on: January 6, 2014


He is so adorable, isnt he?

In mommy’s eyes, you are so amazing, son.

Mommy cant thank enough for having u here, filling our days with many stories. There are laughters, tears, joy, excitement, anger, and so many other emotions.

U r such a smart boy, u know. U r gonna be admired by many girls then. Lol.

Tomorrow u will be 9 months old. Time flies, huh?

Seems like yesterday when Mom talk to Daddy (and u were in my tummy) “oooh look, he was moving from this corner of tummy to that corner”.
And u moved inside there and there. I could even saw ur palm boxing and kicking.
Now? Now u are a handsome boy, sleeping here next to me, with one hand in the air and the other one down.
Before, u were sleeping in Mommy’s lap, I mean, up in my body.

Yes, dear, I found it s easier for u to fall asleep with this sandwich position 😀

U do enjoy the extra ordinary positions for milking now. Hpftt… sometimes I cant help giggling for all u made.

And Mommy will give more timeline to ur habit in such following words.

U dont like blanket. This condition never change from the beginning.

Now u refuse to wear hat. Why? Oooh why?
No need a second for u to take it off *sigh

Pick eater. Please tell me that this is only for a few moment. U used to eat easily. For last few days, Mom and Dad gave extra effort to feed you, your complimentary food.

Btw, Mommy happy that u still attached to Mommy’s milk 🙂
The bonding we get is priceless.
I always captivated by the way u touch everytime u fed.
Maybe it is right that milking is the very first of baby’s reflection. U could always find Mommy’s breast even in the dark and put it in your mouth! Lol.
Argh..mommy love u for much too much, dear.

Be smart and healthy always!



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