Putu Ayu Christmas Edition

Posted on: January 6, 2014

Hi, nice to post a cake again.

Argh,  am so glad for doing a date with my mixer again, lol. Been a few time I absent, huh…?

This noon I made putu ayu. I made it before. This is my second time.
Please see this for recipe.

The differences I did is…I divided the mixture into two parts and used red food coloring and screwpine essence (for screwpine smell and green color). The green one is much more than the red, since I like the smell of screwpine.

So the cake turned out be three layers; white (coconut grated), red and green. Gorgeous!
And most important of all; So delicious!!

I ran out emulsifier, so I took more time in mixing the eggs, and add half tsp of baking powder to the sifted flour. And voila, its texture is just what I want to.

Thinking that I (and hubby!) love this cake, I suppossed buy the putuayu mould. Putuayu usually served in individual flower shape.
This time I steam in a 20cm circle tin.

If u are a kind of sweet-and-salty-dishes-lover, u must fall in love to this Indonesian traditional cake. So damn easy to make this cake, trust me!


Love it!


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