Bali, the Island of God

Posted on: October 11, 2014

Many foreigner ask “where’s Indonesia?”, while they knew all about Bali.

Hellooo? Bali is an island in Indonesia, *giggle

Okay, below is my schedule;


Day 1
Nusa dua
Garuda Wisnu Kencana
Discovery mall
Spent the night at maya hotel at kuta village



Day 2
Bali safari n marine
Spent the night at Ubud Terrace


Day 3
Monkey forest
Bedugul: treetop, orchid in kebun raya, lake
Pasar at bedugul
Straight to Lovina beach
Spent the night at Angsoka Hotel


Day 4
Seeing dolphin n sunrise at lovina beach
Taking a nap
Spent the night at Angsoka Hotel


Day 5
Off to Denpasar (south area)
Sukowati market
Pandawa beach
Spent the night at Angsoka Hotel

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to capture all the beatiful landscapes. I was holding Kiz in my arm😉

Ohh, Kiz was so amazing! He didn’t fall down on this schedule. Fit as usual while his cousins got flu etc.

Above schedule is not the ideal proper trip planner. We realized it once we did. My advice, please discuss with your travelling agent or consultant so you don’t waste your time ineffeciently.

Short story about Pandawa beach. It is a hidden beautiful beach which is surrounded by mountain of limestone. Pandawa
is the five brothers in Hindu epic story. The landscape is amazing, but the sands are rough and much different from Kuta’s. The sand is not too friendly for playing sand’s castle.

Few years ago I read an article about this hidden beach. IMHO, it is not that hidden any longer (tough foreigner is not too many, there are many local people visit). Meanwhile, this beach haven’t been develop well, I mean it is still under construction. Local people use ordinary tents to make sudden food court for tourist. This reduces the prettiness of the landscape. Electricity is not installed yet when I came. People would come out from the beach  and all activity is off,when time strikes 5 PM.

I guess, within few years ahead, this Pandawa beach would become stunning! From the local man, I knew that government already give some Billions to develop this beach. Hey, you go guys! Do come visit this beach in the next 3-4 years.

Over all, Bali is amazing island. I love how people there appreciate art. They culture is so captivating (yes, the name is Island of God).

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