The Author and Her Blog

I m a super Mom (hahaha). I have a cute, handsome and smart boy!
A wife (a stay at home one! Hard to believe, huh?)
A member of a small town (what a big step we could say).
Still stuborn (yaaa-yaaa-yaaa)
I rarely spend my time for book now.
Still love reading (now my reading’s target is food-blog, blog of child’s development, parenting article, or should I replace the word ‘reading’ with ‘googling’? There are too many information to be skipped, u know…)
Is addicted to baking (I found that this hobby more useful for my new fam :p )
A newbie in the kitchen (and the good one, ahihiyy)

Life is so damn good. Beautiful. At least, mine it is.
(see? Happiness is only a state of mind #readsomewhere)

And I am proud to share my stories HERE.

It answers why this blog has no special genre, lol.
I wrote and will always write about everything; my mind (they keep spinning and like to working randomly, well I m just an over-thinking person, I guess), the story of my fam, the milestone of my baking-thing, a quote or link I wanna share, and many so. U would never know the boundary of this blog, me neither.

This blog is another version of me. Literally this is a readable me.

Do enjoy your visit. Please leave any comment, if u wanna.

I hope, tru’ all weirds things written here, lol, u could find something that might be usefull for u.


2 Responses to "About"

met kenal yaah 😉


Hi… met kenal juga, yaaa

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